The Mail Series and Driver's Log drawings monitor existing energy found in their ordinary environments.

Sculptural packages of the Mail Series are sent through the postal system. Enclosed pencil mechanisms mark the movement during their trip on paper mounted inside each parcel. Individual drawings develop, documenting their unique circumstances in transit as every bump, rattle or kick is scribed within the piece. An accumulation takes place. When the package is opened and observed by the recipient the drawing is completed.

Driver's Log is a document of movement inside the back of a truck. 99 bottles are hung from a web of straps tied two feet above and parallel to the truck's floor. Each bottle contains a varying level of water and a different grade of graphite attached to its tip. Below the bottles, paper is taped to the floor of the truck for the graphite to draw the ativity during the trip.

Allowing an outside force to dictate the result of each drawing divides the artist's role in the creative process. The results become dialogue rather than a lecture. It is the intention of this work to interact with these currents of otherwise overlooked energy and reveal them in a visually powerful way.

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